We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey of our faith community: the Western States have transitioned from a provisional district to a Provisional Annual Conference within the Global Methodist Church. This marks a moment of growth and maturation for the Western states and a reaffirmation of our commitment to our shared values and mission.

The transition to a Provisional Annual Conference brings a host of practical implications that will benefit our community. Firstly, it gives us greater autonomy in decision-making processes, allowing us to tailor our initiatives and resources more closely to the needs of our congregations and the communities we serve. This autonomy also enables us to respond more swiftly and effectively to both opportunities and challenges, guided by our principles and the collective wisdom of our members.

Furthermore, as a Provisional Annual Conference, we will have increased capacity to implement and oversee our ministries, outreach programs, and educational efforts. This means more robust support for our clergy and lay leaders, enhanced development opportunities for our members, and an expanded ability to live out our mission in tangible, impactful ways.

We invite everyone to learn more about what this transition means for all the congregations in our community and how you can be a part of our exciting journey ahead. Please visit the newly updated website at Western States AC for more information, resources, and updates on our progress and initiatives. Together, we look forward to fostering a community that continues to grow in faith, love, and service, embodying the ideals and spirit of the Global Methodist Church in every action we take.