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As we celebrate Father’s Day, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the fathers in our congregation. Your dedication, love, and guidance are essential to nurturing not only your families but also our church community. 

In the Bible, we see many examples of notable fathers who exemplified faith and strength. One such example is Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. Joseph’s unwavering obedience to God’s direction and his protective care for Mary and Jesus highlight the critical role fathers play in fostering a flourishing family and, by extension, a flourishing world.

Thank you, fathers, for your invaluable contributions. Your commitment and faithfulness are pillars of strength for us all.

Today’s lesson comes from Mark 4, where Jesus shares the parables of scattering seeds and the mustard seed. These parables remind us of the importance of faith, even if it starts small, and the expansive growth that comes from spreading the gospel. As disciples and as a church, we are called to scatter the seeds of God’s Word, trusting that He will bring the growth.

We invite you to join us for church today at 2 PM. It will be a wonderful time of worship and fellowship as we delve deeper into our lesson and celebrate Father’s Day together.

Additionally, don’t miss our Monday evening Bible study at 6 PM this week. We will be continuing our exploration of the second half of the Books of the Law in our Bible Basics class. It’s a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding of Scripture and connect with fellow believers.

Once again, happy Father’s Day! We are grateful for each one of you and look forward to growing together in faith and love.


Pastor Adam Roe