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Dear Renewal Family,

This Sunday marks a very special occasion in our church calendar, one that I look forward to every year—Pentecost Sunday. It's not just a time to remember the historical events described in Acts 2, but an opportunity to personally experience the renewal and empowerment that the Holy Spirit brings into our lives.

I encourage you all to wear something red this Sunday as a vibrant reminder of the flames that appeared over the heads of the disciples, symbolizing the Holy Spirit’s arrival. It’s always a heartwarming sight to see a sanctuary awash in red, reflecting our shared enthusiasm and the fiery love of God that connects us all.

During the sermon, we’ll explore the profound moments of Acts 2, where the Holy Spirit bestowed upon the disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit, uniting the church in understanding and faith. This passage invites us to embrace our own gifts and to use them in unity for the greater purpose of God’s kingdom.

Friends, nothing brings me more joy than seeing our church family come together, vibrant and alive in the Spirit. Let's gather this Sunday not just in memory of a day in the Bible, but in active expectation that the Holy Spirit will move powerfully among us, as real and present today as it was at the very first Pentecost.

Looking forward to seeing each of you, in your brightest red, as we celebrate this joyous day together!

In Christ,

Pastor Adam