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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This week we continue our celebration of the Easter Season with our new series, Walking in Resurrection Light. We launch the series by looking at the incredible encounter between the risen Lord and His disciples in the Gospel of John 20: 19-31.

In this powerful passage, we witness the transformative impact of Christ's resurrection on His followers. The disciples, once filled with fear and uncertainty, find themselves in the presence of their risen Savior. Jesus enters their midst, offering them peace and showing them His wounds, confirming that He has indeed conquered death.

However, one disciple, Thomas, was not present during this initial encounter. When he heard the news of Jesus' appearance, he doubted, declaring that he would not believe unless he could see and touch the wounds himself. How often do we, like Thomas, struggle with doubt and the need for tangible proof?

A week later, Jesus appeared again, this time with Thomas present. In His compassion, Jesus invited Thomas to touch His wounds and believe. Thomas, overwhelmed by the reality of the risen Christ, proclaimed, "My Lord and my God!" (John 20:28). This powerful declaration of faith reminds us that even in our moments of doubt, Jesus meets us where we are and invites us to believe.

As we reflect on this encounter, let us remember that we serve a risen Savior who desires a personal relationship with each one of us. He offers us peace, just as He did to His disciples, and He invites us to walk in the light of His resurrection. May we, like Thomas, move from doubt to unwavering faith, proclaiming Jesus as our Lord and God.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to explore what it means to walk in the resurrection light. Let us approach this series with open hearts, ready to encounter the risen Lord and be transformed by His presence.

Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Adam

Applying It to Our Lives

  1. Be honest about your doubts and bring them to Jesus. He can handle them!
  2. Spend time in prayer and Scripture, seeking to encounter the risen Lord personally.
  3. Share your faith story with others, just like the disciples did after seeing Jesus.