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Dear Renewal Methodist Church Family,

This Sunday, we gather to celebrate one of the most profound and foundational mysteries of our faith: the Holy Trinity. Trinity Sunday invites us to reflect on the nature of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—three persons in one essence, eternally coexisting in a perfect unity of love and purpose.

The doctrine of the Trinity was vital in the early church, so much so that church councils were convened to ensure its survival. These councils were not held to uphold doctrine for its own sake, but because this understanding speaks to a loving relationship. Without the Father's love toward the Son, and vice versa, we cannot truly claim that God is love. We can only state that God loves as an activity, which overturns our understanding not just of the Trinity but of God's loving presence in our lives.

As we ponder this mystery, we are reminded of several important truths:

  1. Relational God: The Trinity shows us that God is inherently relational. Our relationships with one another are a reflection of God’s relational nature. Let us deepen our connections, supporting and uplifting each other as a testament to the love of the Triune God.
  2. Mission of Love: The mission of the Trinity is a mission of love—from creation to redemption to sanctification. We are called to join in this mission, sharing God’s love with our community and beyond.

In our worship this Sunday, we will explore these themes through scripture, prayer, and song. Our readings will include passages that illuminate the Trinity, and we will sing hymns that honor the Triune God.

As we celebrate Trinity Sunday, may we open our hearts to the mystery of the Trinity, allowing it to draw us closer to God and to one another. 


Pastor Adam